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World Class, Outlier Performance.

Become an edgestacker


Arms locked, marching together is an accurate way to describe our company culture.

We value quality over quantity and operate as a small team, comprising the best-of-the-best, who pursue excellence in everything we do.

Our team of outliers are exceptional problem solvers, humble, loyal and have a relentless hunger to improve. Relishing the challenge of attacking projects few can successfully complete, our team are rewarded with superior compensation, autonomy and long-term growth opportunities.

Generous education, health, performance and wellbeing budgets are extended, and charitable, altruistic involvement is shared.

Our Sunshine Coast office has been custom designed for collaboration, innovation and high performance.

If you have a passion for trading and/or data, there is no better time to join our expansion and share in the spoils of superior performance, alongside the psychological safety of a 20-year proven and profitable track record.

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